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Build Your Audience With a Tap

Too often, prospects land on your site — but never come back. With TapTac, they will. By using TapTac, visitors will land on your site, tap to save your contact information, and then, when they need your products and services, they can instantly find you in their contacts.

Taptac - Step 1

Engage site
visitors instantly

In seconds, customers see a pop-up message inviting them to connect with your business.

Taptac - Step 2

and convert

With a quick tap, your TapTac business card is instantly added to their mobile contacts.

Taptac - Step 3

Create contacts
and customers

You’ll be the first contact prospective customers see when searching your category or industry.

Introducing Better-Way-to-Do Business Cards

Direct Tap

Send your TapTac card to anyone, anywhere via SMS -- whether they visited your site or not.

Taptac - Top Feature

Build Your Business With Every Tap

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Quicker Connections

Engage prospects who are looking for what you have to offer -- because they came to your website.
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Increased ROI Fast

More TapTac connections means revenue potential today and tomorrow, all for one low monthly fee.
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Repeating Customers

Your business contact info is saved to customers Contacts, giving you a critical edge over the competition.
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Enhanced Marketing

Decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate with customized pop-ups and click-to-call actions.
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Multi-Channel Access

Whether they’re on your site or on their phone, customers can find, connect and convert anytime, anywhere.
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Simplified Search

Your business pop to the top of prospects’ Contact lists when they search by industry or category.

Powering Next Gen Lead Management

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Pay as you grow

Dynamic digital business cards, moving at the speed of business.


Typical TapTac users recoup their annual subscription with just one to three new customers!

Check now how many new customers TapTac can drive in your first month.

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